The Danish Mathematical Society


Old news

The Danish Mathematical Society (DMF) was founded in 1873 with the purpose of acting for the benefit of mathematics in research and education.

Application for membership can be made to any member of the board. Alternatively there is an electronic membership form. The membership fee for 2013 is DKK 310,-, and includes subscription to Matilde. Students and retired people half price.

DMF is a Member Society of the European Mathematical Society (EMS). Members of DMF can become individual members of EMS through DMF by contacting the treasurer. Membership fee for 2013 is DKK 180,-.

There are reciprocity agreements with several foreign mathematical societies. Members of DMF join these societies at reduced rates (and vice versa). Please contact the relevant society directly. Members can also subscribe to certain Scandinavian journals at special rates.

For other mathematics-related societies in Denmark, see links. We also have a Math-Net homepage for the society.

Last modified: Thursday 14th February, 2013